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Rockland Trust Selects Ignite Sales to Help Expand Business Banking Segment

March 5, 2013

Customer Service Leader Implementing Ignite’s Sales Enablement Services

DALLAS, Texas – March 5, 2013 - Ignite Sales Inc., the leader in retail banking customer acquisition and retention technology, today announced that Rockland Trust has chosen its Recommendation Guides and Eligibility Analytics™ services to boost its business banking segment.

Rockland Trust, recently ranked “Highest Customer Satisfaction with Retail Banking in the New England Region,” is well known for its exemplary customer service. The bank continues to perform well and has significantly grown its customer base over the past several years. To keep on this growth pace, Rockland Trust is investing in technologies that will improve its customer interactions and boost expansion even further. Rockland will be implementing Ignite’s services into its Business Online Banking and Branch channels.

“As Rockland looks to continue on a fast growth pace, Ignite’s unique capabilities will allow them to gain a deeper understanding of what their business customers want and which products they are eligible to use,” said Mitchell Orlowsky, president and CEO of Ignite Sales. “Banking business products such as Cash Management require a complex sales qualification process. Ignite provides a solution that personalizes and automates the customer qualification process, eliminating the complexity, that will help Rockland upsell and cross-sell products across all channels.”

Ignite’s services combines a recommendation platform with powerful analytics that matches banking products and services to customer eligibility in real-time at the point-of-sale. At the core of Ignite’s services is Eligibility Analytics. Data for the Analytics is obtained using several unique and patented predictive analytics algorithms gathering input from the user, banking product thresholds, and specialized banking data based on over 3,000,000 data points on purchasing behavior have been collected during a 10 year period. The Eligibility Analytics is used to match product bundles to the customer using the Recommendation Guides.

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