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SunTrust and Comerica: Taking a New Approach to Sales

February 27, 2013 In the news

Needs based selling sounds easier than it actually is. Ideally, the sales process should be all about the client, but often the good intentions of the bankers are derailed. Customer needs can take a back seat when they conflict with the performance goals of the banker, when compliance requirements overshadow the sales process and when bankers are unable to recommend the right solution because they are not well versed in all of the products...

Ignite Sales Sees Strong Momentum as Retail Banks Face an Increasingly Competitive Environment

February 6, 2013 Press Releases

DALLAS, Texas – February 6, 2013 - Ignite Sales Inc., the leader in retail banking customer acquisition technology, today announced strong growth in 2012 as demand for its Recommendation Guides and Eligibility Analytics™ escalates.

Interview with CEO Mitchell Orlowsky

October 22, 2012 In the news

CEO/CFO interviews Ignite Sales’ CEO Mitchell Orlowsky on how Ignite Sales is driving sales and profitability for retail banks by matching products to customer needs,