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But hey, don’t take our word for it….

November 25, 2013

We think our recommendation guides make a huge impact.  Sometimes we see results that are mind boggling. So much so that we have to double check our data to ensure that it is correct.

We know our clients will probably see 100% account lift at the point-of-sale. Most will achieve ROI within the first six months, and many within the first month

But hey, don’t take our word for it…. 

I was talking to one of our sales reps recently and I asked her “What is the one thing that prospects see or hear that helps accelerate the sale of recommendation guides?”

Her answer, without hesitation, “When I send them a follow-up email with quotes from our existing customers. It just validates everything I just pitched.”

I thought I would share the quotes that seem to generate the most interest.

From the article titled SunTrust Leverages Analytics for Lead Gen in Bank Systems and Technology – spokesperson Robert Ruffin, SVP and client segment marketing manager for business and commercial banking at SunTrust states:

“Additionally, the nearly 10,000 Ignite recommendation guides completed thus far revealed completely unexpected, and actionable, segmentation information. We were surprised to see our small business website was attracting three distinct industry types, none of which were visually represented on the site…That was a light bulb moment from a creative perspective, as well as causing us to rethink how we craft search terms for attracting industries.”

“Having immediate, granular, and relevant analytics available, rather than generalized information that’s six- to nine-months old, is invaluable,” he says. “Ignite provides a ton of data but we’re hardly at the ’101′ level with using it. We’re excited about the future because we’ve barely scratched the surface.”

From the article titled Comerica Adds Product Matching Tool to Website in American Banker MagazineJames Weber, chief marketing officer at Comerica states:

“It’s a quick process and the information we get is good insight,” says James Weber, chief marketing officer at the Dallas company….”About 2,000 customers use Account Planner every month, with roughly a quarter of them asking Comerica to contact them or clicking through to the firm’s account opening process.”

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