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The company’s leading-edge Customer Engagement Platform for financial institutions over $2 Billion in assets, Ignite Neuro, continues to see rapid adoption by leading banks and credit unions across the U.S., with implementations by new clients in over 2,900 of their branches. This technology provides customized, customer-facing guided conversations intended to help bankers and customers better understand life circumstances and financial needs. Ignite Neuro then analyzes those needs across the institution’s entire suite of products to serve up highly accurate recommendation.


Ignite Sales IQ Analytics represents the next step in the evolution of data-driven financial institutions The data is used to produce actionable reports that are presented in secure, customizable, graphical, interactive, and easy-to-use dashboards that help FIs run a more efficient and effective customer facing organization resulting in a significant positive impact on the financial wellness of consumers and small businesses.


Ignite Performance Care is a unique service designed to help ensure optimal performance and results from the Ignite Neuro Customer Engagement Platform. As part of this powerful service, Ignite performs all the administration of the system for our clients, makes any necessary product oriented changes and constantly monitors the performance of Ignite Neuro for our clients. In addition, Ignite’s analysts will make recommendations for improvements when they see areas of opportunity. Impressively, this service is included in our clients’ overall contract with Ignite.


The great news is that Ignite’s platforms can be implemented with no integrations to bank systems and still achieve virtually 100% of the financial benefit for the financial institution and ultimately for the customer. However, in order to match each guided conversation to actual account opening some of our clients ask us to integrate into their CRM system. Ignite is an integration partner with Salesforce and offers our integration module, EngageHUB, to our clients and can be obtained from the Salesforce App Exchange. Ignite has integrated into over 40 different banking systems to meet client requests including CRM systems, core banking systems and account opening systems.


For those financial institutions that are serious about growing their client base, increasing profitability, increasing the productivity of their customer facing branch specialists, increasing the effectiveness of digital channels and, most importantly, increasing the financial wellness of consumers and small businesses, then Ignite delivers like nothing else in banking. Imagine the impact on your organization if you could achieve a 150% increase in product adoption by consumers and small businesses, a 40% increase in customer satisfaction and a 4x increase in digital channel sales effectiveness. This can be achieved with Ignite!


Trusted by the Nation’s Leading Banks

“Ignite’s solutions were made with the bank’s sales team in mind and truly provide that extra element to drive meaningful conversations. Central Bank has enjoyed partnering with Ignite to achieve more focused conversations to help customers reach the endgame faster.”

— Dan Westhues, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Central Bank

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Complete, guided data-driven financial solutions, right when your customers need it. Ignite’s powerful, guided conversation platform provides you with digital, dynamic conversations, award-winning analytics and performance support that will allow you to breakthrough to the next level of performance.

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“We are proud to reward and recognize Ignite Sales for their innovation and dedication to helping both the organization using their technology and the ultimate consumer.”

— Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group

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