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Hosted Technology. Brilliant Performance. Personalized Customer Engagement.

Ignite Sales will change the way you sell products, service consumers, and measure results. We are the only provider in the market that helps you discover the needs of your customers and lead them to financial wellness as the centerpiece of the customer journey. Increasing customer satisfaction and promoting financial wellbeing while unifying all channels to provide a consistent customer experience.

An Engaging Journey

Help customers and prospects

Help customers, members, prospects, small businesses, middle market, and large corporates to better understand their financial needs. Lead them to financial wellness by accurately discovering their needs with Ignite’s guided, tailored conversations and present them with personalized product recommendations to fulfill their needs.

Dynamic dialogue

Have consistent, dynamic and relevant dialogues with every consumer and business. Ignite’s platform utilizes artificial intelligence and proprietary analytics engines to provide highly dynamic and engaging digital conversation guides for self-serve or in-branch use with customers and members. Educate customers and members as to why a service or solution is right for their needs based on the engaging conversation, whether in self-serve mode, face-to-face or video chat.

Customer engagement

Effectively manage customer engagement through all communication channels. With Ignite’s unique cloud-based Customer Engagement Management (CEM) platform, you can fill a major gap in the customer engagement process and ensure customers’ needs are met in a transparent, compliant and ethical manner. Frictionless guidance to fulfill the account opening process.

Analytics reports

Effectively measure, track and manage through easy-to-understand analytics. Gain visibility to customer engagement at each level of the organization, product and service effectiveness and marketing optimization. Learn how profitable you are, could be and should be when it comes to opening the recommended solutions for prospects and customers. Ignite’s award-winning advanced analytics gives your FI actionable, real-time data that you can use to identify trends as they occur.

Implemented within 90 days

Delivered as a cloud-based service, Ignite’s patented solution can be implemented in 90 days without interrupting existing infrastructure.

  • The Challenge

  • What We Do

  • Results

The Challenge

Banking is at an inflection point. Together with the obvious pressures from epidemic generated economic challenges, regulations and low interest rates, non-bank financial competitors such as Amazon and Rocket Mortgage are changing customer engagement expectations and threatening your bottom line. Consumers and small businesses want real time, ‘Amazon like’ experiences across every customer-facing touchpoint, including branches, on-line and mobile. They want to know that your institution is primarily interested in their financial well being and you engage with them in a manner that reflects that concern. Bottom line: they want a consistently rewarding and engaging experience with your institution.


What We Do

Ignite empowers your organization to discover the financial needs of your clients and prospects and guide them to wise financial choices.  We do this by developing customized, customer facing, guided conversations specifically designed for each line of business and customer engagement channel.  We use a powerful combination of artificial intelligence, behavioral science and elegant design to create an amazing experience with every customer sales interaction.



For over 20 years, financial Institutions have achieved powerful results by implementing Ignite Sales in the branches and in the digital channels.  Here are just a few examples:

  • 150% more effective branch bankers
  • 40% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Digital customers 4x more likely to purchase a product
  • 85% shortened sales cycles
  • 50% increase in on-line loan application rates

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