Treasury Management Solutions

Dynamic, highly engaging sales engagement solutions designed to meet every customer’s treasury management goals

Enhance the relationship with your commercial customers

Guiding Businesses to Optimize Cash Flow

As a Commercial Bank Relationship Manager (RM) or Treasury Management Sales Officer (TMSO) your overarching goal is to provide solutions to optimize the cash flow for your commercial customers.

Simplify the TM Journey

The Goal

Commercial customers need the bank’s Treasury Management Division to help them with solutions and tools to effectively and efficiently handle daily liquidity management tasks, and to ensure they have sufficient cash resources in place to sustain ongoing operations.

Generating New Leads

Ignite’s in-person or online/mobile guides can be used to generate significant leads for the Treasury Management and Commercial Banking team. When the commercial customer is online/mobile, there is no banker to help the customer go through the myriad of available treasury management solutions (at some banks that can mean more than 50+ options). Ignite’s IQ Analytics reporting allows Bank Management to know what conversions are taking place and which solutions are needed by specific segments such as healthcare, public funds, commercial/middle market/large corporate and specialty industries.

Improving Treasury Management Engagement

Ignite’s powerful guided conversation technology helps the Commercial and Treasury Management sales team better understand the customer’s global financial circumstances and their client’s overall objectives, including maintaining sufficient liquidity, optimizing cash resources, access to financing, managing investments, reducing risk, managing information, and technology, etc. Our sales engagement tools allow bankers to provide recommendations designed specifically for each commercial customer based on the bank’s solutions.

The Solution

How does Ignite do this? Ignite downloads all the information about the Treasury Management and Commercial products/services desired into the Ignite Neuro platform (which could include Treasury Management, deposit products, lending, investments, and fraud mitigation tools to name a few). Then Ignite’s customer engagement experts design a highly dynamic, personalized conversation guide that the Banker uses to take their customer or prospect on a highly engaging journey to deepen relationships and helping the customer to effectively optimize liquidity as well in a self-serve mode or advisor-assisted mode.

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