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Ignite technology is extensively used in branches by many of the leading banks in the US primarily so bankers can be consistently effective in discovering and fulfilling the financial needs of customers, regardless of the banker’s experience.

Bankers in the branches use Ignite’s customer facing, dynamic conversation guides on PCs or tablets to discover the needs and circumstances of customers and prospects and guide them to highly accurate recommendations. The results are astounding, with an average increase in customer product adoption by over 150% on average, a 40% increase in customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

Online | Mobile

Ignite’s responsive design technology can be used for all digital channels and devices to quickly discover customer needs and guide them to highly accurate recommendations. Most banking customers and prospects are intimidated by the many product options and variables that are offered to them on a bank’s website.

By using Ignite’s dynamic conversation guides, customers feel much more confident about moving forward and opening an account online. By effectively guiding customers to wise choices through digital channels, banks are able to turn digital channels into a much more productive vehicle to increase sales and improve customer loyalty.


Using Ignite technology in branch Kiosks is a game-changer for banks seeking to significantly improve the space and resource efficiency of the branch while concurrently improving the customer experience.

In particular, for those migrating to more of a café branch setting, using Ignite guided conversation technology in a kiosk will allow customers to engage with the bank at their own pace, easily open accounts through the kiosk and then exercise the option of visiting in person with a banker if they have further questions or need more in depth assistance.

Contact Center

There are various ways in which to effectively use Ignite technology in a contact center. One way is to use Ignite to support bankers making outbound calls to sales leads. The banker making the call to the prospect or current customer can:

  • Send a link to the guide so the customer can complete the guided conversation prior to the discussion with the banker
  • The banker can prefill the guide with known information about a current customer and then engage with a very efficient conversation
  • Use Ignite to guide the live conversation with the customer to discover their financial needs and guide them to wise financial choices

Lines of Business

  • Consumer

  • Small Business

  • Middle Market


Guiding Consumers to Wise Financial Choices

Over 75% of consumers say they are interested in receiving financial advice or guidance from their financial institution, but very few actually receive it. When banks make the strategic decision to use Ignite banking sales technology to guide consumers to wise financial choices—either through the branches or digital channels—they significantly improve their ability to positively impact the financial lives of consumers, improve the ability of bankers to be consistently highly effective with every customer engagement opportunity, and create more profitable longer term customer relationships.


Small Business

Guide small business owners to solutions that help grow their business

Small business owners need help and financial guidance. Most of them are so focused on cash flow and growing their business, they simply don’t have the time to learn and explore all the banking options available to them that could significantly help their business. In fact, 40% of small business owners admit they are essentially financially illiterate. Retail banks using Ignite guided conversation technology can make a real, tangible difference in the lives of small business owners by empowering branch bankers to be very capable of discovering the financial needs of small businesses and guiding them to wise choices, and by providing guided conversations directly to small businesses online.


Middle Market

Businesses with $10 million or more have unique needs

For banks serving middle market business customers, a little larger than small businesses, Ignite’s customer engagement solutions can play a very important role by empowering middle-market bankers with the tools necessary to be able to fully understand the more complex needs of the middle market businesses and guide them to the best product offerings within a more complex solution set and pricing scenarios that will often include treasury management products.


Performance Care

Unparalleled On-Going Service Optimizing your Performance

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What Clients are saying

“Ignite’s solutions were made with the bank’s sales team in mind and truly provide that extra element to drive meaningful conversations. Central Bank has enjoyed partnering with Ignite to achieve more focused conversations to help customers reach the endgame faster.”

— Dan Westhues, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Central Bank

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Increase in customer satisfaction



Increase in branch product adoption rates



Increase in buying propensity for digital channels

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Ignite provides financial institutions with customer engagement technology that transforms every banker into an expert as they conduct customer conversations using our customized, dynamic, digital dialogue guides. The focus of the guided dialogue is to discover customer needs and perfectly match those needs to the bank’s products and services. Ignite helps ensure a consistent, compliant and relevant engagement with all customers and prospects.

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