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Customer Experience Management

As a Wealth Manager your goal is to help your clients grow and sustain long term wealth!

If there is any aspect of financial services that demands consultative expertise to help customers be successful, it is Wealth Management. The foundation of a consultative sales process is effectively discovering and documenting the needs, circumstances and goals of individuals and their families to make the most accurate and relevant recommendations for them.

Wealth Management Technology Solutions

With consistent dialogues and recommendations Intelligent Reporting: A clear view into front-line sales and customer engagement.

IQ Analytics Reporting

Ignite generates a tremendous number of new leads that can be fed to your wealth advisors. From Ignite’s IQ Analytics reporting, we know that about 10% of consumers and businesses who come to the bank’s website looking for a deposit account or lending account also want wealth advice. In fact, one Ignite bank revealed that over 35% of businesses desire help with wealth management products and services. These wealth management needs are revealed when consumers and small businesses go through an Ignite guided conversation.

Powerful Guided Conversations

In addition, Ignite provides powerful guided conversation technology to help the Wealth Managers discover the relevant facts, circumstances and preferences of the customer and then guide the customer to wealth management options designed specifically for them. Ignite is not a portfolio selector. Ignite helps Wealth Managers traverse the intimate topic of trust and estate planning, retirement planning, tax planning and strategies as well as investment management with clients and prospects to reveal what’s most important to them and the right products and services to get there.

The Ignite Neuro Platform

How does Ignite do this? Ignite downloads all of the information about the various wealth management products and services into the Ignite Neuro platform. Then Ignite’s customer engagement experts design a highly dynamic, personalized conversation guide that the Wealth Manager uses to take their customer on a highly engaging journey to sustain and grow their wealth – in a self-serve mode or advisor-assisted mode. Ignite provides an invaluable tool to the consultative process to make a more efficient and ultimately more successful journey for the client.

Drive More Leads to Wealth Advisors

Banks Who Reveal Clients’ Needs Will Win the Relationship. Wealth management opportunities are right under your nose!  How many is your bank missing? Our wealth management solutions help your entire front-line organization generate more leads for your wealth advisors.

  • Branch Network

  • Website

  • Over the Phone


Face to face in the branch network, enable your branch staff to confidently engage customers and prospects in a relevant dialogue about their financial needs today as well as their long-term goals. Ignite’s customer experience management solutions allow you to fulfill client needs immediately or generate and distribute referrals directly to your wealth, insurance and trust advisors.

  • REVEALED BY IGNITE’S TECHNOLOGY: 9-17% of consumers who speak with personal bankers about deposit and lending opportunities also need wealth products and advisory services.


As customers and prospects surf your website, you help them understand how your advisors can help them reach their financial goals. Personalized digital conversations guide and educate customers about your portfolio of advisory services and tools to best meet their needs and goals.

  • REVEALED BY IGNITE’S TECHNOLOGY: 10% of site visitors, consumers and businesses, who come to the bank’s site looking for a deposit or lending account also want wealth advice.




Engage with clients over the phone and internet to reveal updated needs and goals. Be the advisor who reactivates dormant accounts or uncovers the latest life events and status changes to reengage those clients to reconsider your financial institution to help them today.

  • REVEALED BY IGNITE’S TECHNOLOGY:  A relationship manager with a portfolio of 220 business clients reached out to the 55% who had little or no activity and revealed 20% who reactivated their account and enrolled in additional services such as wealth management for retirement planning, succession planning and personal investments

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