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There are many variables for consumers and small businesses to consider when selecting insurance coverage.  Whether it is vehicle, dwelling, life, business or any other insurance, consumers and small businesses want to know they are making wise choices with a trusted partner. With Ignite’s insurance sales engagement platform, you can create a highly engaging customer journey that leads to a 40% increase in customer satisfaction.


Whether you are an insurance company or a bank or credit union selling insurance, Ignite can make your sales process much more efficient and will help create clients for life.

Powerful Insurance Guides

Ignite’s powerful customer facing conversation guides are just as effective in helping consumers make wise and appropriate insurance decisions as they are in helping them make banking product decisions. The more complex the insurance choices, the more valuable Ignite’s insurance guidance becomes.

Customized Conversations

An insurance agent can use a customized Ignite Conversation guide either on the phone with a customer, or in person using the Ignite Conversation Guide with a laptop or tablet. The agent can focus on developing rapport and trust with the customer, while Ignite’s powerful decision engines sift through all the insurance product options, pricing and thresholds necessary to make a 100% accurate recommendation to the customer.

Engaging Experience

Imagine how effective and efficient Ignite conversation guides can be in both an in-person setting with an agent or a self-service digital setting, providing a highly engaging experience leading to significant improvements in sale AND customer satisfaction.

Custom Conversation Guide

In a self-service digital setting, customers using a customized Ignite Conversation Guide will be guided to the right insurance for their circumstances, and be shown the alternatives and how they compare to the recommended choices. This sales engagement process inspires confidence with the consumer and gives them the information to make quick decisions. Your customers will be delighted with the highly engaging process.

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