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What Regions Bank has to say

“It takes what our best bankers are doing in the branches – their job is to get to know you and understand your needs – and instead of making you weed through content, it helps pick a tailored product for you.”

—Andy Hernandez, head of eBusiness of Regions Bank


Regions Bank

In 2016, Regions Financial resolved to get ahead of the pack in digital sales. With the partnership of Ignite Sales, the $126 billion-asset company rolled out a tool that guides potential new customers to products that are right for them. The results were impressive.

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Region Bank’s Results



Rise in online apply rates



More likely to open 2 or more product at point of sales


Banks Find Success with Digital Engagement Services

Discover how the industry’s most innovative and successful banks are having deeper, richer engagement with customers by using dynamic conversations that put customers in the right products 100% of the time.

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What Central Bank has to say

“Ignite’s solutions were made with the bank’s sales team in mind and truly provide that extra element to drive meaningful conversations. Central Bank has enjoyed partnering with Ignite to achieve more focused conversations to help customers reach the endgame faster.”

—Dan Westhues, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Central Bank


Central Bank

Central Bank needed a solution that would help its small business owners and retail customers find their way to wise financial choices. They teamed up with Ignite Sales to roll out two new Omnichannel Sales Analytics solutions. Not only did this help their existing customers and small business owners, but their frontline customer service representatives as well. As a result, the bank saw significant increases across the board.

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Central Bank’s Results



Better sales & productivity



Lift from their best business bankers

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