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Embedded Analytics for Smarter Sales

December 8, 2015

Embedded analytics within a structured sales process can help banks offer personalized products, services and resources to customers. Embedded analytics is the integration of business intelligence (BI) tools and capabilities directly into a business software application. The software application, in this case, should be utilizing best practice processes.

Banks can now use embedded analytics to make their sales processes structured and “smart,” enabling the bankers to make the most of all opportunities in all channels. Embedded analytics also enables the sales process to be measurable and simplifies the process so that bankers are not reinventing the wheel with each opportunity. Finally, each time bankers work through the structured sales process, they understand better how to connect needs to solutions for the customer.

To learn more about how embedded analytics is being used in retail banking, check out this article written by Mitchell Orlowsky at BAI Banking Strategies.

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