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Empower Your Employees to Create Customer Loyalty

September 22, 2014

With so many methods for critiquing customer services via social media it is even more important today than ever before to delight customers. Banks are going to great lengths to give employees in their branches and call centers the flexibility to use their creativity to deliver superior customer service. And the outcomes can garner significant benefits for a bank’s growth and long-term retention. But that freedom can come at a cost if there are not appropriate systems in place, banks can end up spending too much time and money on results that don’t merit the campaigns. Customer service methods must be aligned with business goals and program measurements need to be determined prior to enacting.

So how do you do that? 

By providing your employees clarity on your bank’s goals and a flexible framework within which to operate – a playbook of sort.

Empower with a Digital Playbook – By using a digital playbook your bank’s reps can interact with customer via automated guided selling.  This enables them to engage customers in a consultative manner. Guided selling also takes away the complexity of learning every product detail and ever changing regulations so that reps can focus on engaging customers and developing long term relationships.
Enact Measurement Tools– Unless you are measuring performance there is no way to know if you are meeting your objectives.  Use technology to track and measure campaigns and performance so you know if you investment are paying off.

Create In the Moment Feedback Mechanisms – You can’t expect improvement from employees if you haven’t let them know how they are progressing. Don’t wait for review time for your staff to provide feedback. Ensure feedback is being provided on the spot that way proper action can be taken to improve performance.

Coach ‘Em Up – Develop your low performing employees in the branch and call center by coaching them on with tried and true tactics used by the higher performing members of the team. Identify and incorporate those tactics and strategies into your digital playbook to ensure you are winning customers.

Your branch and call center employees will be empowered and successful in building customer loyalty when they have clear direction and the technology tools to engage customers.

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