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Ignite Partners with Clarity Advantage

November 16, 2015

Clarity Advantage helps banks transform their processes as well as train and coach the client engagement teams. Ignite provides the interactive digital tools that helps bankers recommend the right products at the right time and eliminates the guesswork associated with consultative selling. These tools also provide data that helps organizations make informed decisions on how to run more efficiently.

When implementing better relationship management processes and new tools, coaching and training is always a key element for success. This is true at all levels, both executives who have to manage and bankers who are interacting with prospects and customers.

With Ignite, executives now have access to information that they have never had before. Now that they have it, they need to understand how to use it. Executives often perform best when coached on how to use data. Bankers on the front lines often perform best when shown how others are using tools and are being successful using those tools.

Frequently, clients think they’re buying training. Clarity Advantage delivers far more than that. Here are three reasons why banks choose Ignite and Clarity Advantage.

  1. Practical Tools that Move the Needle - Ignite provides tools that enable Customer Service Reps (CSRs) to be productive, giving the product recommendations that meet the customer’s needs at the point of sale. Clarity trains the CSRs how to use the tools and complete to close on product fulfillment.  
  2. Done Your Way - Ignite customizes the tool using your brand, your product rules and your sales processes.  Clarity customize training and coaching to meet your needs and process as well.
  3. Benefit of Experience - With over 40+ years of combined banking experience, best practice in both technology and training are used to insure success for the bank.   We collectively know what works and what doesn’t, how to have a huge impact on the customer experience with the least disruption to the process.  We help banks implement best practices to insure the best customer experience possible.


Together, it is a winning team for the bank. Click here for more information on Clarity Advantage. Click here to learn more about Ignite.

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