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Ignite Sales Integration into Salesforce.com, Avidian’s Profit and FIS CRM Solution

August 6, 2013

Today Ignite announced a new service that automatically syncs qualified sales leads and valuable lead intelligence generated by Ignite’s online Recommendation Guides into Salesforce.com.  We also offer integration services into Ignite into FIS Customer Relationship Management Solutions as well as Avidian’s Profit CRM solution.

Sales teams can now quickly receive highly qualified leads from Ignite’s Recommendation Guides with the information they need to open new accounts and put customers into the right products.  Management can track these leads through to completion and prevents opportunities from falling through the cracks.

Benefits of integrating Ignite into your CRM system:

  • Sales has access to real-time qualified leads
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Close more deals faster
  • Create a clear view of customers from first customer contact through purchase and post-sales
  • Management will be able to look at sales and profitability by channel, by branch, and by product
  • Marketing can leverage detailed real-time customer information for segmentation, product development, analytics and reporting.

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