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Rockland Trust Increases Small Business Account Openings with Ignite Sales

January 28, 2014

Today we announced that Rockland Trust has implemented Ignite’s solution both online and in their branches as part of their overall omnichannel strategy. Rockland had been looking for tools to help their branch sales staff sell more effectively to business client. With Ignite’s solution, Rockland increased new business account openings significantly within the first three months.


Rockland has also learned that most business prospects qualify for up to seven products. Yes, seven products. Ignite’s analytics performs a real-time analysis, during the consultation, that matches Rockland’s products with business customer needs and eligibility. This can be done on a computer or a tablet and gives the branch sales staff the information they need immediately at their fingertips so that they can provide a higher level of service for their customers.

As a result, Rockland has seen an increase in cross sales at the initial account opening when using the tool.

“At Rockland Trust we’ve been meeting the financial needs of the business community for more than 100 years and we’re constantly searching for ways to enhance our service,” said Jane Lundquist, Executive Vice President and Director of Retail Banking, Business Banking and Home Equity Lending at Rockland Trust. “We looked for a solution that would help our branch staff effectively identify all the services that could benefit business clients.  Ignite’s Recommendation Guides and Analytics proved to be the tool that works best.”

Rockland is seeing measureable results within 90 days of implementation. With Ignite’s Analytics, Rockland Trust has been able to gain detailed visibility into branch performance and manage branch sales effectiveness.

For more information about Ignites’ solution, click here.

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