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Ignite Personalizes the Buying Process for Improved Customer Acquisition

February 9, 2016

Ignite Sales today introduced Smart Promotions as well as integration into Instant Scheduling and Live Chat as a part of its Omnichannel Sales Analytics solution. These new innovations improve customer engagement for more personalized and effective customer acquisition campaigns. Smart Promotions and the two new integration functions have allowed banks to increase qualified leads by 20% and improve the customer buying experience. 


September 15, 2015 Press Releases

Ignite Sales Recognized For Transforming Banks Sales Process and Giving Unparalleled Detailed Visibility Into OmniChannel Performance

Ignite Sales Sweeps Awards for Omnichannel Sales Analytics Solution for Retail Banking

April 21, 2015 Press Releases

Celent Model Bank Award, Monarch Innovation Award, and 2015 BIG Innovation Award 

DALLAS, Texas – April 14, 2015 - Ignite Sales Inc., a leader in accelerating organic sales growth for banks, today announced that its Omnichannel Sales Analytics solution has won several awards for innovation and improved business results in Retail Banking. Ignite Sales’ Omnichannel Sales Analytics solution gives retail banks unparalleled detailed visibility into channel and employee performance.

Ignite Sales Further Strengthens its Board of Directors

March 19, 2015 Press Releases

Data Analytics Expert Neil S. Fleming, PhD. Joins Ignite Sales’ Board

Ignite Sales Wins 2015 BIG Innovation Award for Business Intelligence

January 26, 2015 Press Releases

Ignite’s Profitability Dashboards for OmniChannel Measurement Awarded for Innovation 

Central Bancompany Significantly Increases Business Banking Account Openings With Ignite Sales

November 3, 2014 Press Releases

Dallas, Texas – November 3, 2014 – Ignite Sales, the leader in accelerating organic sales growth for banks, today announced that Central Bancompany, a Missouri-based 11-billion dollar bank holding-company, has increased product sales by 20% with existing customers and 15% with new customers using Ignite’sRecommendation Guides and Sales Analytics.

How to Create a Sales Culture and Process at Your Bank

October 30, 2014 In the news

Three years ago, the word sales was more or less a four-letter word in banking. At the time, banks didn’t really understand the sales culture and didn’t see the need to implement a sales culture at their institution. But times are changing. Customers are taking greater control of their banking relationships. They are switching banks, changing their behavior and demanding improvements. Faced with unprecedented competition from non-banking competitors, new regulations that limit their ability to generate fee income, and shrinking net interest income, banks are challenged to find new sources of revenue if they want to grow.

Improving Sales Growth at the Point of Sale

October 30, 2014 In the news

Improving organic sales growth requires delivering an omnichannel experience for customers, particularly during the onboarding process.

Oct 20, 2014

As competition heats up from the likes of Walmart, PayPal and other shadow banking organizations, financial institutions need to improve customer engagement in order to increase wallet share, customer acquisition and retention. Additionally, technological advances and customers’ experiences in other industries have altered customers’ expectations and needs, which give banks both opportunities and challenges.

The sales opportunity lies in the account-opening, process, a critical step in a customer’s journey with a bank. And the best time to capitalize on this opportunity is at the point of sale, when customers are already in the buying mode. Customers who have a great point-of-sale experience are...

Ignite Sales and eLoyalty to Present How Analytics Contribute to Building Sustainable Worth in Banks

October 2, 2014 Press Releases

Dallas, Texas – October 2, 2014 – Ignite Sales, the leader in retail banking customer acquisition and retention technology, will present along with eLoyalty, a TeleTech Company, at Valuing the Bank, an exclusive event for CEOs, chairmen, presidents, CFOs and members of the board of banks hosted by Bank DirectorMagazine.

Banks Can Improve Sales to Commercial Clients with Analytics

July 7, 2014 In the news

Competition is heating up in the world of business banking. New entrants such as Square, Wal-Mart and PayPal are serving notice to traditional banks—evolve or die—and the board has taken notice. Business banking sales is now a board-level issue.

In order to compete with non-banking competitors, banks need to be able to consistently recommend and sell products through any channel to truly understand potential sales and profitability.