Award-Winning Artificial Intelligence

AI and advanced analytics lead customers to a perfect match of their needs with your financial institutions products and services


AI and Analytics

Ignite’s award winning AI platform utilizes artificial intelligence and proprietary analytics engines to provide highly dynamic digital conversation guides for financial institutions to use in face-to-face and online engagement with customers. Adding AI to the banking sales and marketing process can also lead to an estimated increase of 2.5 to 5.2 percent in revenue annually.  Ignite Neuro, digitally guiding customers to wise financial choices.

Customer Engagement Platform

Ignite’s Customer Engagement Management (CEM) technology uses AI and advanced analytics to guide conversations with customers and match them to the right product or service. Banks and credit unions using CEM technology personalize the experience by gathering real-time information from the customer. See Ignite Neuro for more information

Experiential Service

Experiential service focuses on the experience of the customer and member using engaging dialogue, interactive elements and a personalized journey when interacting with your FI, rather than just the functional benefits following from the products and services delivered. AI is vital for financial institutions to achieve this. While the banker or member specialist is getting to know a customer or member, so is the AI, and will lead them to the perfect product or service to meet and fulfill their unique needs.

Analytics and Reporting

The cutting edge analytics and reporting of IQ Analytics, provide insights into customer engagement effectiveness across the banking enterprise that the industry has never had access to before now. With Ignite’s technology, financial institutions can effectively measure, track and manage bankers and member specialists while also gaining visibility into the customer engagement for product and service effectiveness and marketing optimization online, in branch or call center.


AI Results



increased customer satisfaction



increased sales in branches



increased sales online

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