Ignite Sales and Filene Research Institute Partner to Drive Relationships

The Lab at Filene to test Ignite’s Digital Engagement solution converting indirect loan portfolios to direct member relationships

DALLAS (February 7, 2022) – Ignite Sales, Inc., the leader in retail banking customer and member engagement technology, today announced a partnership with Filene Research Institute as part of the Lab at Filene. The Lab is Filene’s ongoing platform for testing new tools, products, and strategic solutions for their potential to help credit unions grow and deepen their impact with members. Ignite will work with participating credit unions to test the impact of their digital engagement solution to mine indirect loan portfolios to build direct member relationships.

“Through our work with credit unions around the country, we know that when given the opportunity, they provide unparalleled levels of service to their members, and indirect loan portfolios represent low-hanging fruit and a ready-made opportunity for quick growth,” said Whitney Loe, VP strategic sales and partnerships at Ignite Sales. “We are very excited to partner with the Lab at Filene to support credit unions as they leverage digital engagement technology to mine their indirect loan portfolios and build deep direct member relationships.”

Ignite continues to deliver value to credit unions across the United States. The company’s intelligent conversation guides enable credit unions to engage in tailored conversations that discover members’ unique needs, allowing staff to deliver personal, accurate, and consistent product and service recommendations and build deep, meaningful relationships.

“Credit Unions have a unique culture that is focused on providing members with great, affordable financial service” said George Noga, chief executive officer, Ignite Sales. “Ignite’s conversation guides give credit unions the tools to effectively engage indirect loan members and provide an enlightened view of many other differentiated products and services that credit unions offer”

Digital engagement for direct lending was one of four business concepts selected by the Lab’s participating credit union sponsors at the first ever Lab Symposium, held in August 2022.  During the event, The Lab’s credit union sponsors and stakeholders convened to set Filene’s 2023 testing agenda, share perspectives on emerging innovation opportunities and establish connections among the group of innovation-minded organizations.

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