Ignite Sales launches Sales Compliance Monitor for banks to monitor and ensure compliant sales

Early detection of non-compliant sales activities displayed in easy to understand online dashboards.

DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – April 4, 2017) – Ignite Sales, Inc. today announced it has launched Sales Compliance Monitor™ at #CBALIVE  in Dallas, TX. Sales Compliance Monitor empowers banks with the ability to ensure retail banker conversations result in compliant sales to consumers and small


Ignite Sales specializes in creating dynamic digital dialogue guides for customer engagement in every channel.  “In response to the need for implementing and monitoring compliant sales practices and processes for large banks, we have developed Ignite Sales Compliance Monitor,” said Ignite CEO George Noga. “The system is designed to identify any sales activity that is out of compliance with a bank’s sales protocol.  Sales Compliance Monitor is used in conjunction with Ignite’s digital conversation guides and is integrated to its award-winning IQ Analytics portal.”

Ignite Sales Compliance Monitor will help ensure that meeting customer needs is the primary focus of all retail bankers and any significant variance in compliant customer interactions are identified within the system in an easy to navigate and understand dashboard. Available online 24/7,  bank management can immediately see when any specific customer engagement is out of compliance by viewing anomalies in product opening and sales activity outside bank thresholds.

“Considering the recent emphasis on sales compliance due to ongoing headline stories at major banks,” said Ignite Sales CEO, George Noga, “we designed Ignite Sales Compliance Monitor to help every bank focus sales activities on discovering and meeting customer needs and identifying every instance where accounts are opened or products are sold that are inconsistent with that focus.”

“With Ignite Sales Compliance Monitor we are able to give bank executives a real time, succinct dashboard of the compliance status of branch sales activities by person, by branch and by region,” said COO, Julie Hamrick. “Now bank management will know immediately when suspicious account opening activity is occurring.”

Ignite Sales Compliance Monitor is available to help banks manage and measure sales across all channels to ensure customer needs are meet in a compliant, consistent and relevant manner.

About Ignite Sales, Inc.
Ignite Sales is changing the way retail banks engage with customers, service their customers and measure the results of their efforts. Using embedded predictive analytics, Ignite’s solution discovers and fulfills customer financial needs, resulting in more than a 38% increase in customer satisfaction and a 100% compliant and consistent conversation. Ignite’s patented technology is used by many of the top banking institutions in the country. Ignite is a two-time winner of Barlow Research Associates’ Monarch Innovation Award, The Big Innovation Award for Business Intelligence and The Stevie Award for Marketing & Sales Intelligence. Ignite Sales is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Visit us at www.ignitesales.com.

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