Less than half of consumers feel financially healthy

As stated in the Financial Brand, only 37% of consumers are satisfied with their financial health. Many people are going to their financial institution for guidance to financial wellness.

consumers seeking financial help
Source: KapitalWise

How can your financial institution help? By bringing together technology, data and analytics to enable hyper-personalized interactions and guidance to accurate recommendations that best suit that individual.

This includes deep selling: focusing on discovering the needs and circumstances of an individual, educating them and giving them accurate recommendations that can improve their financial well-being.

“It’s no longer enough to offer accounts. We need to engage in a digital dialogue and be proactive in helping customers achieve financial well-being.”

—Ernst Young

The customer journey is the beginning of discovering an individual’s needs in order to lead them to financial wellness. With an engaging journey, your financial institution can accurately and consistently fulfill customers’ needs, and win that customer for life.

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