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According to a new survey conducted by SDL, channels have become irrelevant to consumers. 60% of millennials surveyed expect a consistent experience from brands whether online, in store or via phone. In addition, customers also expect a personalized experience. What does it take to own the customer experience? The first step is to make the omnichannel experience the new normal – whether the customer is online, in the branch, speaking to customer service or on a mobile device. This requires the organization to evolve to business process, achieve operational alignment, and deploy new technology tools. Here are five things to consider when putting together your strategy.

  • Remove silo-based operations and thinking – realign operations around a single vision of a holistic customer experience.
  • Create a consistent experience where you engage customers and prospects about their current financial needs across all channels – ask prospects about their financial objectives in real time instead of relying on outdated demographics.
  • Provide consistent product recommendations in every channel based on these real time financial needs and eligibility. Ensure that customers are aware of all their options – provide a synopsis of all the products they are eligible for, not just the ones that are popular or easy to open.
  • Turn account opening into a conversation by giving banking personnel the tools to create a personalized, high touch experience when meeting with customers face-to-face.Measure the effectiveness of each channel.
  • Many believe that this requires a major overhaul of internal systems costing millions of dollars – but that is not necessarily the case.

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