Preparing for a Digital Age and How to Navigate Times of Change

With so much change happening right before our eyes, we are here to help financial institutions and their clients make it through this never-before-seen pandemic and help prepare for the ever-increasing shift to digital channels.

Ecommerce and online purchases may have sharply increased during this time of social distancing, but the growth in digital shopping has been on the rise for some time. Plus, according to a recent Nielsen report, that growth is projected to continue for over the next five years. The current pandemic is just making the shift more rapid. For financial institutions, this means the urgency to meet the demands of the digital consumer has never been greater.

A recent article from The Financial Brand states: “As the impact from the coronavirus intensifies, banks and credit unions need to be able to provide all banking services without the need for branches.”

It’s time to go deeper with digital to virtual with a means to engage customers with your products and services to help them enroll in the right ones for their continually changing needs.

With digital capabilities in place, branches can institute a flexible environment for employees and clients alike. Using virtual tools, branch employees can reach out to prospects and existing clients and guide, recommend and educate them from the comfort of their homes. It is ever more important to have these tools now especially for consumers looking for financial guidance during these times of uncertainty. Without a smart digital guidance, consumers will be at risk of choosing the wrong product for their needs, or not choosing a product at all.

Through virtual, seamless and simple guidance your Financial Institution can engage to educate, delight and win clients for life. With an intelligent digital guided system, not only will you improve consumer satisfaction by over 40 percent, but you will also see an increase of product adoption by up to 200 percent.

guided online product selection for financial institutions
Chart Source: Ignite Sales IQ Analytics 2019-2020

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