Turn the Call Center into a Revenue Center

Banks are now finally following other industries to turn their call centers into contact centers, moving them from the cost to the revenue side of the equation. This is beginning to change. Consumers as well as small businesses are more comfortable using online retail environments to research and even purchase goods and services.  They expect that if they have questions, they will be answered immediately either online through an interactive exchange or calling a service representative directly.Today, when customers call their bank, they are typically trying to resolve an issue or get some information related to their existing accounts. They are rarely looking to buy new banking products over the phone or even pose questions on products they don’t have.

Digital banking has enabled customers to conduct routine business online and to conduct research on banking products prior to speaking to a bank representative. Simultaneously, the contact center is changing to become more interactive and transform from being a post-sales support center into a revenue generating channel.

Call centers are taking on a new and additional role. They are becoming the first point of live contact during the sales process as call centers are being integrated into digital banking channels. Essential to this evolution is the introduction of a sales culture into the call center.  The sales culture includes the development of streamlined and repeatable sales processes, providing personnel the skills they need on how to turn an inquiry into a sale, as well as a way to measure and manage the success or failure of the organization.

Let’s look at what you can do to turn the call center into a revenue generating channel.

  • Provide call center workers with training and automated selling tools so that they can engage the customer in a consultative manner – Recommendation Guides automate the product selection process based on customer needs and eligibility. Workers can use this tool to answer questions or guide prospects to other products as they engage with prospects.
  • Arm management with data – Analytics help banks provide better customer service. Ignite’s analytics helps banks understand the unique journey of every customer, providing insight needed to predict their customer’s needs and proactively engage with them with the right products and service. Analytics also give management baseline sales information so that sales can be measured and managed.
  • Make the call center accountable – With process, tools, training and measurement in place, the contact center can now be accountable for generating new revenue.

Call centers transform into contact centers once they have tools and culture to become a full revenue generating channel.

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