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Ignite Sales is changing the way retail, commercial and wealth management banks sell products, service consumers and businesses, and measure results of their efforts. We are the only provider in the market that helps banks focus on discovering customer needs as the centerpiece of the customer journey; Increasing customer satisfaction while unifying all channels to provide a consistent customer experience.

We are helping banks and credit unions:

  • Help consumers, small businesses, middle market, and large corporates to better understand their financial needs
  • Help consumers, small businesses, middle market, and large corporates to determine how to best meet their needs
  • Have a consistent, compliant dialogue with all consumers and businesses.
  • Document the rationale behind every product recommendation.
  • Effectively manage customer engagements through all communication channels
  • Effectively understand analytical reports and leaderboards to optimize marketing, view of customers and measurement and management of employees. 

Delivered as a cloud-based service, Ignite’s patented solution can be implemented in 90 days without interrupting existing infrastructure. The solution consists of:

Bank Intelligence Engine

Forecasting customer behavior in banking is not easy. Analysis solely based on historical account openings, outdated demographic information and transaction data can lead to miscalculating the needs of your potential customers.

The Bank Intelligence Engine (BIE) serves as the backbone of Ignite’s solution. It is a predictive analytics platform that delivers a personalized customer buying experience as well as insights into your sales and marketing operations. It also integrates with customer relationship management and credit risk solutions such as, Microsoft Dynamics, FIS Customer Relationship Management and others using integration connectors to facilitate data sharing as well as lead and sales management.

BIE is the patented technology that synthesizes information from a variety of sources to deliver product recommendations and analytics data. Information is gathered from the Recommendation Guide, along with a variety of data including bank rules, eligibility data, product thresholds, web analytics, demographics and a unique set of industry data that has been collected by Ignite Sales over the past 10 years. This exclusive industry data represents the “collective preferences of thousands of banking customers.”

Ignite has collected more than three million data points on customer purchasing behavior based on their real-time financial needs. This unique data more accurately reflects the state of the market than demographic data that has been collected based on past transactions and provides the foundation of the Bank Intelligence Engine.

All of the data collected is stored so that it can be analyzed to gain actionable insights into your customer base, profitability and sales effectiveness.

Recommendation Guides

With more than 100 available products it is very difficult to ensure a consistent customer experience across all channels unless product recommendations are automated. Ignite Sales provides a unique cloud-based product recommendation solution that personalizes a customer’s banking experience while merchandising your products at the point-of-sale to meet the needs of the customer.

The guides can be used directly by the customer online or on a mobile device as well as by bank staff in the branch and call center as an interactive sales tool. The guide provides the information needed, when it is needed to provide a consultative and consistent customer journey.

The Recommendation Guide conducts an initial needs assessment by asking a short series of questions to understand the prospect’s current financial situation. The guide interfaces with the Bank Intelligence Engine which then uses the collected information, to return recommended product bundles that meet the specific needs of the customer in real-time.

Ignite customizes each Recommendation Guide to include only your product offerings and bundles and to reflect your distinctive look and feel that aligns with your brand identity. Recommendation Guides can be implemented in one channel at a time or all channels to create a seamless omnichannel buying experience.

Recommendation Guides help retail banks:

Shorten the sales cycle - Automate merchandising, selling, cross-sell and up sell opportunities

Create a consistent multichannel buying experience - Across all channels; online, mobile, at the branch, and in the call center

Produce highly qualified leads - Qualify prospects using bank eligibility and bank-defined thresholds and industry data, in real-time, at point-of-sale

Increase profitability per customer - Customers open more accounts at point-of-sale.

Increase customer loyalty - Obtain the three product loyalty threshold

Easily integrates into CRM solutions -, Microsoft Dynamics, FIS Customer Relationship Management and others


Ignite’s sales IQ Analytics represents the next step in the evolution of data-driven retail banking. The data is used to produce actionable reports that are presented in secure, customizable, graphical, interactive, and easy-to-use dashboards that help banks:

Determine lost profitability - The Profit Gap Analysis illustrates what was sold, what could have been sold based on the customer’s eligibility, potential profit, and the resulting gap per product.

Manage sales performance in the branch, online, and within the customer service center - Management can drill down to quickly see which products are being opened in each channel, by which bank representative, and the individual product contribution to profitability.

Justify and target marketing spend - Real-time data collected provides specific information on today’s business and economic needs of both consumers and businesses. The data is current and actionable.

Fill the sales funnel with pre-qualified Leads - Manage highly qualified leads through the sales funnel by pre-qualifying prospects using demographics, bank eligibility and bank-defined thresholds, in real-time, at point-of-sale.

Measure marketing campaigns SEO/SEM spend and placement - In addition to readily available web traffic statistics, Ignite’s solution is able to report on web traffic in context of customer eligibility and demographics.

*Delivered as a cloud-based service, Ignite’s patented solution, U.S. Patent #6,236,975, work in conjunction with Ignite's proprietary Recommendation Guides and Eligibility Analytics service, providing our customers with a full suite of analytics, including reporting dashboards that provide demographic, customer eligibility and profitability analysis.

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