ACUSI and Ignite Sales Partner to Help Credit Unions Grow

ACUSI Augments Auto Loan Program with Ignite Sales to Enable Credit Unions to Sell Deeper into their Membership

DALLAS, April 12, 2022Ignite Sales, Inc., the leader in retail banking customer and member engagement technology, today announced a partnership with ACUSI, a CUSO of Alabama Credit Union, to help credit unions expand relationships with their members. The partnership allows ACUSI to sell Ignite Sales’ growth accelerator engine to their credit union affiliates.

ACUSI’s technologies help smaller credit unions successfully compete in the indirect market. Credit unions are leveraging ACUSI’s auto loan program to grow their membership within their market area. This innovative auto loan program has been exceptionally successful with credit union users. To further support their credit unions’ growth, ACUSI sought a solution to deepen member relationships and onboard members to fulfill their financial need and goals.

“Ignite Sales has a unique, market-tested product that gets the results we want. I am pleased with the partnership and look forward to growing market shares of smaller credit unions through Ignite,” said Tommy Cobb, President, ACUSI. “Ignite has the key technology components we sought and provides us valuable operational insight. In addition, they have a genuine interest in helping ACUSI reach our goals.”

Ignite’s intelligent conversation guides enable credit unions to provide tailored conversations that discover members’ unique needs in an empathetic manner and deliver personal, accurate, and consistent product recommendations to deepen relationships. As a result, members are guided to the right solutions fulfilling their needs wherever they are, 24/7.

“We are pleased to partner with ACUSI to help credit unions grow membership and assist members in their journey to financial wellness.”

–George Noga, CEO, Ignite Sales

“Our growth accelerator engine gives credit unions the tools to deliver exceptional personalized experiences, build relationships and drive member growth,” Noga continued.


ACUSI is a CUSO of Alabama Credit Union that specializes in bringing innovative solutions in indirect lending to smaller credit unions.

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