What to look for from your tech partner to ensure peak performance from your customer engagement solution post-implementation

Implementing a new software system is a significant milestone. However, it is even a more dramatic achievement when it delivers the considerable benefits that a customer engagement system does. Banks and credit unions leveraging customer engagement technology can get to the heart of their customer’s needs in an empathetic fashion. Because they use immediate data and circumstances rather than historical trends, bankers can guide customers to products that reflect their needs at the moment of engagement and deliver relevant solutions to boost financial wellness.

Financial institutions leveraging on-target conversations delivering recommendations based on customer eligibility, result in increased account openings. For example, a northeast-based regional bank saw 62% of its customers who scheduled appointments through guided conversations opened accounts.

62% lift in opened accounts with guided conversations

Yet, ensuring your customer engagement system performs at the highest level possible takes ongoing service after implementation. Often software-as-a-service vendors end their service obligation after software implementation.

But that is just the first phase of service. Performance care is paramount to the success of your customer engagement system. Surely your software-as-a-service vendor will charge you a monthly fee. Make sure you are getting the most for those fees, assured performance after implementation is a must.

Here are six services your customer engagement vendor should be delivering performance care to ensure the performance of your customer engagement technology is running on all cylinders.

Continuous Improvement

Banks and customers are not stagnant. Both undergo constant change, so your conversational strategy must constantly be evolving. The digital guided conversations you have with your customers must reflect the most current trends, product offerings, regulations, and eligibility criteria. Your vendor should constantly review your data and collaborate with you to evolve your conversational strategy to get the best achievable results.

A vendor that takes a proactive approach by continually reviewing your data and suggesting changes, when needed will deliver the best results from your customer engagement platform. For example, if the account opening rate for a particular type of checking account is declining, your vendor may suggest that you lower the account opening threshold from $500 to $450. Now that’s some good intel!

Expert Insights

For your customer engagement to perform at the highest level, it takes expert insight from your vendor. Hence, seek a vendor that takes a consultative approach, including assigning you a customer representative, scheduling monthly or even quarterly check-ins, monitoring system results, and making recommendations for improved performance. In addition, your vendor should bring a deep knowledge base to the partnership so they can ensure your system is highly tuned and that success rates meet your business objectives.

24/7 Performance Tracking and Reporting

The performance of your customer service representatives and financial products can vary considerably. Thus, it is essential to know which reps and products are performing well and which are not. Look for a vendor that offers 24/7 measurement tracking. This ongoing monitoring will allow you visibility into when to adjust product offerings if they are not performing as expected – for instance, a system’s traffic declines due to a standard that needs a modification.

This tracking also provides insight into team performance and gives data on who deserves praise or may need a little extra coaching.

Always on Tech Support

Society today operates in an always-on mode. Therefore, today’s customers conduct their banking at all hours of the day and every day of the year. Make sure your vendor is monitoring your customer engagement platform 24/7 so that you can ensure that it is consistently running smoothly. Knowledge into software performance can be invaluable in this always on new world.

Quick Products / Regular Updates

We all know that change is a constant, and products, services, regulations, and thresholds are always going to evolve. Consequently, the software vendor you partner with must be able to promptly amend your system, so you stay compliant with regulations and the system continuously to guide customers to the appropriate products at the suitable threshold and needs of each unique visitor.

Organizational Effectiveness

Your chosen customer engagement technology vendor should know their software inside and out. And they should share that knowledge on an ongoing basis to ensure optimization of the utilization of the software technology specific to your organization.

Selecting a partner that offers superior performance care services for your customer engagement platform is fundamental to getting the best business value from your investment. To learn about Ignite Performance Care which offers unparalleled ongoing service optimizing performance with reporting, click here.

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