What are Conversation Guides for Banks

Conversation guides for banks are dynamic, AI-driven dialogues that enable the bankers to uncover customer needs and accurately match them with the right product or service provided by that institution.

With intelligent guided conversations, banks can educate customers and prospects as to why a service or solution is right for their needs based on the engaging conversation, whether in self-serve mode, face-to-face or video chat. This removes the friction in the customer journey and decreases the cost of acquisition, increases throughput, and generates follow-up opportunities.

We found customers are 4x more likely to purchase from us when a conversation guide is used.

–Andy Hernandez, Regions Bank in American Banker ‘A digital leaders guide to building relationships’


Bankers in the branches and call centers use Ignite’s customer facing, dynamic conversation guides on PCs or tablets to discover the needs and circumstances of customers and prospects and guide them to highly accurate recommendations. The results are astounding, with an average increase in customer product adoption by over 150% on average, a 40% increase in customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

Customers also benefit greatly from conversation guides with their financial institution. By using Ignite’s dynamic conversation guides, customers feel much more confident about moving forward and opening an account online. By effectively guiding customers to wise choices through digital channels, banks are able to turn digital channels into a much more productive vehicle to increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

Banking Results



Increase in customer satisfaction



Increase in branch product adoption rates



Increase in buying propensity for digital channels

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