What is Guided Selling

Guided Selling for financial institutions is an AI-powered process, whether online or in-branch, in which the customer goes through a highly dynamic and engaging dialogue then is guided to the right product or account best suited for their specific needs.

We found customers are 4x more likely to purchase from us when a conversation guide is used.

–Andy Hernandez, Regions Bank in American Banker ‘A digital leaders guide to building relationships’


With intelligent guided selling, banks and credit unions can educate customers and members as to why a service or solution is right for their needs based on the engaging conversation, whether in self-serve mode, face-to-face or video chat. This removes the friction in the customer journey and decreases the cost of acquisition, increases throughput, and generates follow-up opportunities.


Guided Sales Success Stories

When banks shine using customer facing digital engagement, they see tremendous growth. Discover what some of the nation’s leading banks are saying about Ignite’s guided sales solutions.

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